Photo Competition

    1. Participation in the contest is free of cost.
    2. The participant must be a citizen of Nepal.
    3. Submitted photographs must have been taken in Nepal; and be the submitting photographer's own work. It must not contain any materials owned or controlled by a third party for which you have not obtained a license, must not infringe the copyright, trademark, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity.
    4. A participant cannot submit a photo submitted previously in this contest.
    5. A participant may enter a maximum of 3 photographs in each category; and can participate in all categories. In total, a participant may enter a maximum of 18 photographs (not including the photo story). Entries beyond the limit will be disqualified.
    6. For Photo Story, a participant may enter up to two stories. Each story should have a minimum of 6 photographs and a maximum of 12 photographs.
    7. For News category, photograph submitted must have been taken in between 14 th April 2018 to 13 April 2019 (BS 2075).
    8. A panel of jury set by the PJ Club Nepal will select the winners and photographs for exhibitions. The decision will be final. The jury will not give explanation regarding selection or non-selection of any photograph.
    9. The winners will be announced in an award ceremony.
    10. If any controversy arises during competition, the decision made by the organizing committee will be final.
    11. Participant shall provide high resolution image for the print material (large size photo, book) after the completion of judging.

    1. The content of the image must not be altered. Only retouching which conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed. The jury is the ultimate arbiter of these standards and May at its discretion request the original, un-retouched file as recorded by the camera or an un-toned scan of the negative or slide. High dynamic range images (HDR) and watermark in the image are not accepted. Stitching of multiple images for a panoramic image is accepted but has to be specified in description. Still images from the video screenshots are not accepted.
    2. Basic editing, including color enhancement, the use of filters, and cropping of the Photo(s) is acceptable, provided any such editing does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the Photo(s).
    3. Advanced editing used to create illusions, deceptions and/or manipulations, and the adding and removing of significant elements within the frame is prohibited.
    4. All images should be digital files. Pictures taken in other formats should be scanned, and the digital formats should be submitted. The dimension of the photo not less than 2000 pixel (the wider side), 300 dpi and a file size of 500 kb – 6 mb. The photo should be in jpg/jpeg file format.
    5. All submitted photographs must contain the original EXIF metadata information. However, there must be no border(s), logo(s), copyright marks, identifying marks, or any other visible references and/or marks on the image.

    Photojournalist Club Nepal retains the copyright of the photographs for three years for its promotional use only. Full credit will be given to the photographer when the photographs are used. Partners/Sponsors/Supporters may use the photographs including winning photographs for their promotional use for a year after the completion of Exhibitions with full credit to the photographer. Participant retains the all rights to his/her photographs; however, by entering the photo contest, he/she grants Photojournalist Club, the Nepal Tourism Board, and its media partners a non-exclusive right to display, distribute, reproduce works of the entries and texts, in whole or in part, in any media now existing (such as publications, websites, and social media) or subsequently developed, for any educational, promotional, publicity, exhibition, archival, scholarly and all other standard purposes of the Club, NTB and media partners for three years. Due credit will be given to the entrant each time his/her photo is used. Participants also grant Photojournalists Club to include their photos in the Photobook. Due credit will be given and the Club by its own decision may also provide other benefits.
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